Tristan Broughton Course – Google Ads Ecom Academy 2019 Review

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If you’re not using the world’s biggest search engine to drive your drop ship business, then you are choosing not to make money. 

Only Google Ads can deliver the reach you need to drive orders and sales. Their model is built around bolstering ecom.

With my expertise in E-commerce and business leads generation, I’ve built a more than healthy income of $50k a month.

 If you know nothing about Google Ads, then you need to talk to Tristan Broughton.

Who is Tristan Broughton?

Tristan Broughton is a SEO and ecom specialist who advises major brands in online sales. With every consultation, Google Ads plays a critical part. Why?

Only Google has the world’s biggest database waiting to be tapped with direct marketing strategy. Google needs sellers. They succeed when you succeed. Too many digital sellers step around Google because of uncertainty or plain ignorance.

Tristan decided to create a course that outlined the whole ecom process according to Google Ads.

 Google Ads Ecom Academy Summary

What’s amazing about Tristan’s course is that he teaches beyond the Google tutorials. He shows you everything from the basics to advanced digital marketing using this streamlined platform.

These are things he’ll teach you that Google web instruction won’t:

·         How to set up a Google store that converts high and engages buyers

·         How to avoid Google penalties by following best practices

·         How to choose products that definitely sell based on proven research

·         How to set up your Merchant account to make sure you genuinely make profit

·         How to test ads to get the best results without spending a lot of money

·         The ultimate campaign for engaging buyers on Google Shopping

Tristan shows you the ropes when it comes to optimization. Learn how to create campaigns that deliver precision ROI. 

Tristan takes you down the rabbit hole of pinpoint bid adjustments, disciplined scheduling and targeted geo settings.

And his teachings aren’t just about quick sell. He offers the Google intel on scaling your Google Ads business. He show you how to expand a strong campaign and introduces you to the magic of Google ad remarketing.

Before long, you will be testing products with precision and discovering how your researching insights gained you money and make you money.

You will never waste another dollar again on frivolous guessing. Tristan’s methods help you stay on target and on budget.

All your product research will pay off. Tristan shows you that diving deep into product know-how is the most critical part of Google selling. He has checklists that help you stay focused on the brass ring. He has data to back up his methods.

Imagine, drop shipping products from your home office without the slightest effort. See your bank account grow. Discover automated strategies that let you earn serious cash while you sleep.

There is so much to be learned, that you might be overwhelmed. Don’t worry. Tristan has organized his plan into a well-thought out and easily understood system.

He has developed the course so that it is as understandable to a pro or a beginner.

 It’s time to take on Google and win.

Google Ecom is Good to Learn, But I’m doing this in 2019

It’s a simple, yet effective model.

Small businesses have difficulties rounding up enough clients they can make deals with.

These deals can make a huge difference for their profits.

So, we use our skills to help them fix that problem.

We bring them clients through the website we’ve built and get paid doing it.

So, how do the two techniques contrast?

E-Marketing Cons

  • Security and privacy issues.
  • Competition worldwide
  • Not much room in terms of controlling your price
  • Competition worldwide

Why I’d Recommend Business Lead Gen

  • Work with many types of business who will value your work
  • Consistent monthly income
  • No maintenance
  • You own your site, which means there is less risk

This limousine service needed to get more clients. So I’ve built this website for them:

To begin, we need to make a website. Next, we have to get it to rank up on the search engine’s results so that it will get the attention of clients.

Then we set the site up to forward the calls to the business you’re partnered with.

The site forwards the business the calls and they make the deals and take care of all the other aspects.

That’s pretty much all that is there to it.

Simple right?

And the site just sits there, getting leads for the business, earning you passive income.

I’ve got 80 sites simultaneously making me money and I have barely touched them. 

Check out this tree care site I made:

I’ve been making $2k from that site passively since 2014.

It’s a strategy that has benefitted me for years.

As well as many others out there…

Our community is ever-growing with many out there making even more than I do. And if you ever get stumped, confused, or have any questions they’ll be there to help you out.

Plenty of people have gotten off to an incredible start.

This community is always happy to grow and I hope you’ll be a part of that growth.

This business leads coaching program will teach all that is there to know about the whole process and start building a bright future for yourself.

You won’t be disappointed!

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